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My name is Angelica, owner of She Boxx Beauty and Detox. I was born in Florida and raised in New Orleans. After studying and working in the Criminal Justice field for several years, I found my passion in helping others discover their beauty and live healthier lives. As a wife and mom of 3, I understand how hectic life is, while trying to stay healthy and look your best. That's why She Boxx was created. I feel that your beauty should not just stop on the outside but, manifest on the inside as well. All of my clients come to detox their physical bodies but also leave feeling lighter emotionally and spiritually. We ask each lady to leave words of encouragement for the next client. I can't tell you how this business has changed the lives of women from so many walks of life. Come see the difference and book at She Boxx Beauty and Detox.

She Boxx Beauty and Detox
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